Race Management Services
DMSE Sports provides a full range of event and race production, management and consulting services. The firm has produced more than 900 events since opening its doors in 1981, and serves clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

From the B.A.A. Boston Marathon to the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K in Maine, Dave McGillivray and his team at DMSE Sports are responsible for the technical and logistical aspects of more than 30 races and walks per year. From overseeing organizing committees to working with local officials and handling registration, credentialing, lead vehicles and course set up, DMSE does it all.

Some of the specific services the firm provides include:

  • Event conceptualization and creative development
  • Comprehensive event planning and timelines
  • Working with or creating an event Organizing Committee
  • Finalizing race course and obtaining certification by USATF
  • Assigning and listing responsibilities for all involved
  • Meeting with potential race sponsors if and when appropriate
  • Providing an “Operations Manual” to be completed two weeks prior to race day
  • Creating a comprehensive equipment and supplies list
  • Providing race equipment in DMSE inventory at reasonable rental fee
  • Assisting with development of all needed medical coverage and supplies
  • Assisting in developing and managing race operations budget
  • Assisting with development of volunteer needs program and job descriptions
  • Developing an overall race communications plan
  • Developing an ice, water, electrolyte program
  • Developing the lead vehicle plan
  • Working with press/media in addressing their pre-event and on site needs
  • Developing a detailed parking plan
  • Creating and installing a layout for the Start
  • Developing the Start procedure and timeline
  • Writing race announcements for race announcer(s)
  • Developing credentials and security plan
  • Developing banner and signage plan
  • Developing officiating plan and appointment of race referee, judges and officials
  • Securing a reputable timing company to time and score race at race expense
  • Assigning all bib numbers in cooperation with race timing company
  • Developing an overall registration / number pick up process
  • Assisting with any and all pre-race promotions and media
  • Working with all product sponsors specific to needs, delivery and involvement
  • Providing other DMSE consultants in various capacities if needed and at race expense
  • Providing a written wrap up report and event critique within three weeks following the race

Some of the events DMSE currently manages include:  

The B.A.A. Boston Marathon
Responsible for all technical and logistical aspects of the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the world, Dave McGillivray as race director and his team at DMSE Sports oversee an Organizing Committee of more than 75 experts, consultants and vendors to make the marathon a reality. In addition to managing the race, McGillivray runs the entire marathon course in the evening on race day, once his duties as race director are completed. 

The TD Beach to Beacon 10K
Founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson in 1998, the TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race, held in Samuelson’s hometown of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, has become one of the top 10K road races in the U.S. Samuelson retained McGillivray and his team to serve as the event’s Race Director and has since called McGillivray "the most organized and gifted race director in the world." Elite runners from all over the world, as well as top runners from New England and across the U.S., make the race in high demand, with the online registration portion of the race filling in 10 minutes.

Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 at Patriot Place
DMSE Sports has been able to create and build this race from the ground up, launching the inaugural race in 2009 with more than 3,000 registered runners. The 10K starts at Patriot Place and winds through historic Foxborough before ending at the 50-yard line in Gillette Stadium as friends and family watch from the stands. The race features a giant inflated helmet at the finish line and runners can see themselves on the huge jumbo screen at Gillette – any football fan’s dream.   

Eversource Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital
One of Children’s Hospital Boston’s biggest fund raisers, DMSE worked with Children’s Hospital Trust to start the Eversource Walk for Children’s Hospital Boston. Raising over $15 million, the event is entering it’s 14th year. DMSE has managed all aspects of the walk from the Start/Finish line to the course, the food program to the permitting.

Bellin Run
The Bellin Run, a 10K held annually in Green Bay, Wisc. since 1977, is one of the DMSE’s premier sporting events and has grown to be one of the largest 10K races in the nation. Running greats like Bill Rodgers, Joan Samuelson, Bruce Bickford, Ed Eyestone, Joseph Kimani, Uta Pippig, Tegla Loroupe and other elite athletes and Olympians make the Bellin Run one of DMSE’s most prestigious runs.

Mt. Washington Road Race
After the 50th running of the event, DMSE Sports took over management of this race in 2011, bringing their expertise to the event without losing site of what the Mt. Washington Road Race truly is or means – a New England race for locals and top runners alike. It is truly a unique event to manage with only one way to get everyone to the top of the highest peak in New England and back down again. 

Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Road Race
The Feaster Five is one of New England’s largest, most festive road races with 10,000 runners on the morning of Thanksgiving Day – and each finisher is given a free old-fashioned apple pie.  The family-oriented race was founded by the Merrimack Valley Striders in 1986 to encourage running at all levels – from beginners to seasoned marathoners to members who run to improve their health. Now a major event on most running calendars, the Feaster Five also features running legends Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit Samuelson and Team Hoyt.

New Balance Falmouth Road Road

DMSE Sport's involvement in the New Balance Falmouth Road Race began in 2012, the race's 40th year. One of the best and biggest road races in New England, the Falmouth race features elite athletes running alongside local residents on a beautiful 7-mile course on Cape Cod. It was first held on a Wednesday because that was founder Tommy Leonard's birthday and, according to race organizers, the course was set at 7 miles because that was the distance from Captain Kidd's to Tommy's workplace. 

Across the Bay 10K - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run 

A newer race for the DMSE Sports team, this event features 25,000 runners traversing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, one of the highest bridges in the U.S. While there have been other walks and runs across the bridge in the past, this is the first such competitive 10K event over the bridge since 2006.

DMSE Sports has also created a major event of its own – from the ground up. The Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 at Patriot Place, for example, is a 2-day family event that features a 5K and 10K on or before Independence Day where finishers cross the 50-yard line in Gillette Stadium while family and fans cheer them on from the stands.

DMSE Sports has also helped organized major Olympic and national events, serving as the Competition Manager of the Goodwill Games Triathlon in 1998, directing the Venue Management Team at the 1996 Atlantic Olympics, and as the race director of the Triathlon World Championship in 1990.

For a full list of DMSE Sports races, see our Event Calendar or the DMSE Races link.  

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