Introducing DMSE Sports’ Event Auditing Services

Want to give your event a competitive edge? Been doing the same thing year after year and getting OK results? Wish you could step outside of your race to do a quality check but just don’t have the time?

DMSE Sports can help.

With Event Auditing Services, our experienced staff uses a proven checklist system to review every facet of your race to provide you with a detailed post-race report of observations, photos, insights and suggestions for improvement. We offer three tiers of service offerings, so your audit will be customized to what you need.



Tier ONE

One day: race-day review of event execution

  • 2-3 experienced race professionals observing Start, Course, Finish

  • Post-race report with detailed observations and suggested improvements



Two dayS: event build and execution

  • Pre-race review of available documents

  • Three experienced race professionals observing and supporting at the Start, Course, Finish areas and a review of the Expo

  • Post-race report with detailed observations, photos and suggested improvements



THREE-FOUR days: embedded with Operations team to review proposed plans; offer improvements ‘on the fly;’ review of Logistics, Start, Course, Finish, Expo, Communications, Team/Staffing, Medical, Sponsorship

  • Pre-race review of available documents with suggested improvements

  • 3-5 race staff observing and supporting your team at the Start, Course, Finish areas as well as reviews of the Expo, Kids’ Race (if applicable) and other ancillary races

  • Reviews of event-wide topics like:

    • Sponsorship activation

    • Event branding

    • Documentation and maps

    • Staffing, volunteers

    • Communications

    • Medical program

    • Event Logistics



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