It’s been a busy few weeks with the new book and other gigs! 


This was an amazing and heartwarming; experience, visiting with the doctors, nurses, parents and kids on the "8th Floor" cardiac unit at Children's Hospital. Puts everything in perspective. The highlight for me was being crushed in a "corridor sprint race"; by a little boy, Parker, who took it to me and never looked back as I collapsed on the floor at the finish line. The kid will be the next Meb K. before you know it. We gave everyone signed Dream Big book and medal for being so inspiring and courageous. Thanks to the Middlemiss family and Caroline Obert from Children's for allowing us to share some time with all of them. 

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Stopped by the Title IX Girls Running Team function. What great work these folks are all doing for
our young girls. I have two young girls myself so I can definitely relate. Bravo!!! Thanks to Hank
Morse for inviting me to stop by!!



Marathon Dreams from a Kid's Point of View

My co-author, Nancy Feehrer, deserves all the credit!! All I did was run a few miles!! 

When It Comes to Marathons, Dave McGillivray Is All Over the Map



McGillivray Races to Next Venture: Children's Book



Stopped by Matt Light’s (former NE Patriots player) marathon team kick-off. They created a very cool video after the event.



From Kate Middlemiss:

Last Tuesday night, Scott came home from the Dream Big book launch with some very special gifts from Dave McGillivray for Jack. We’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to give them to him. Today was a day filled with simple blessings of all being HOME together and enjoying time in each other’s company. Tonight seemed like the perfect time to give Jack these most special gifts.
Last month Dave completed the World Marathon Challenge by running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and received medals as he crossed the finish line in each continent. Tonight, Jack was the recipient of Dave’s most generous gift and the new proud owner of Dave’s World Marathon Challenge medals. Although Jack was thrilled, I’m not sure his 4-year-old brain can understand the enormity of this gift. That will come in time. For now, he may need a bigger medal rack!

Watch Jack here.




From Col. John Robinson School: This morning Dave McGillivray, director of the Boston Marathon, visited Robinson School to talk with our students about following their dreams. Dave recently co-authored a children’s book titled Dream Big, which encourages readers to follow their dreams and to never give up. As a child Dave dreamed of being a professional athlete. Unfortunately, Dave always seemed to be picked last for teams and was often told that he was too small. At the age of 12 Dave found the sport of running and ever since continues to accomplish great things. Just recently Dave completed the World Marathon Challenge, running 7 marathons, in 7 continents in 7 days! Thanks to the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation, each child will receive a hardcover book of Dream Big!


From Pam Rickard: Dave McGillivray says his job title may be Race Director, but he’s really in the business of helping people reach their potential and achieve their dreams. He sure is. Today’s John Hancock Boston Marathon meeting reminded me that while I’m enormously grateful to run Boston again this year, I’m honestly even more grateful to serve as charity manager for The Herren Project’s team.



Was fun to moderate keynote this afternoon at Race Mania with triathletes Rinny Carfrae and Tim
O'Donnell. Very nice and fast couple!



From Kate Middlemiss:

Great team effort last night at Team Big Heart’s Pancake Supper! It was great to see so many friends gather for amazing food, fun, and inspiration! Events like these would not be possible without the support of many! A special thanks to our runners who graciously served pancakes all evening long, to our youth ambassadors who cleared/reset tables and greeted our guests, to all the volunteers who waited on our guests, worked the kitchen, and kept everything flowing, and to all our guests who came out to support our work! It truly was a community effort! And, a HUGE shout out to Lyndie Shaw who organized this entire event and opened her restaurant and heart to us all! A true pillar of our community! This year’s event was extra special thanks to Dave McGillivray and Nancy Wendland Feehrer for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their newly launched book, Dream Big: A True Story of Courage and Determination. Guests were so thrilled to meet Dave & Nan and receive personal messages inside their books! I was especially moved to see the impact Dave and Nan had on so many of our young guests! What an incredible experience for all! Money raised from last night’s event supports our Team Big Heart runners in meeting their fundraising goals as they prepare to run the Boston Marathon in support of the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation. With their help, we are continuing to expand our initiative in meeting the three very important goals of our mission! Thank you all! Join me in sending positive thoughts for strength and endurance to each one of our runners as they embark on their longest training run this weekend! We know you can do it!!!


What a great night for our friend Dave McGillivray and Nancy Feehrer with the launch of their book "Dream Big." Great hanging out with Dan and Kim Ashworth and seeing some Boston friends supporting courage and determination and having some amazing food (meatballs) from Tresca in the Boston's North End. Former Boston Bruin Ray Bourque was a generous host and all to benefit the great work Scott and Kate are doing in memory of Joseph at the Joseph Miiddlemiss Big Heart Foundation ❤️ "All you need is Love" and to "Dream Big."


Was honored to be honored (that sounds funny) at the Metro West YMCA annual breakfast in
Framingham yesterday. I was introduced by both David Wade from Ch. 4 and Dick Hoyt. In
attendance were members of their YMCA Team running in the Boston Marathon this year. Also
present were a few DMSE and BAA folks. After the breakfast I went to Hopkinton to be on the
Hopkinton Coffee Break Show on HCAM-TV!! Pretty cool, too.



From The Boston Marathon:
New on The Boston Marathon Podcast, Tom sits down with Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the
Boston Marathon. In the world of running, Dave McGillivray has covered a lot of ground, from running a shoe store, to training with world-class athletes, and now serving as the Boston Marathon race director. He's also run across the United States twice, and has run more than 150 marathons and "about" 150,000 miles in his life. Now, as leader of DMSE Sports, he leads many races around the country, and is always looking for his next accomplishment. Though it all, there's the matter of being a husband and the father of five - a role he cherishes deeply, and especially in the wake of a recent health scare. Dave dishes on all these roles, decades of running tales, and whether he continues to believe, as he has often been heard to say, that sleep is overrated. Listen now on iTunes.

Dave McGillivray and Tom Grilk