When I was growing up, I was mesmerized by watching the Olympic Games and dreamed of someday of “making the team”. Well, that of course never happened! I so vividly remember swimmer Mark Spitz and how he dominated and won so many Olympic medals. Some people even said we looked a little alike (me doing a triathlon in Vermont) When I saw this picture back then of him wearing all these medals, I recall saying to myself “someday I’m going to be wearing a bunch of medals like that, too.” I even hung this poster in my room – yikes! Someone recently handed me this Andover Magazine and all I could think about was that moment about 50 years ago when I dreamed of wearing so many medals myself. Sometimes “big dreams” can come true if you are patient and you try hard enough. Although I gave all these medals to little Jack Middlemiss because he deserved them more than me, I still have the photo!