Continuing with my day-to-day diary account of my 1978 Cross America Run for the Jimmy Fund from June 11, 1978, to August 29, 1978, a total distance of 3,452 miles averaging 45 miles a day, done 40-years ago to the day. I’m enjoying reading these cards that I mailed home every day as I haven't read them in 40 years! Below is what I wrote on these cards each day.

Day 52 — August 1, 1978
Miles run = 47.4.
Finish location – Galesburg, IL.

Comments: “Thank goodness we are now into the month of August. Just 28 more days and I’ll be running around the Charles River with you guys. I’m running over 335 miles a week now – nothing like a little running!!” 

Running with my brother Alan who flew out to meet us.

Running with my brother Alan who flew out to meet us.

Day 53 — August 2, 1978
Miles run = 52.0.
Finish location – Princeton, IL.

Comments: “Cloudy today but the haziness gave me a headache. Tough to run 52 miles with a headache! Only about 100 miles from Chicago. Really moving now. However, if I was Tom McGrath (another xc runner who ran less total miles), I’d be done today! I try not to think about that! Thanks for all the cards and letters, they really inspire me!”

Day 54 — August 3, 1978
Miles run = 54.0.
Finish location – Morris, IL.

Comments: “My longest day so far! Felt good but a little fatigued near the end. Will be at a press conference on Saturday in Chicago and then on to Indiana and Ohio. Hope you guys are still banging out the miles, too!”

Day 55 — August 4, 1978
|Miles run = 50.5.
Finish location – Chicago Heights, IL.

Comments: “Very difficult to run on these roads!! No shoulders so have to run out on the road themselves and it is very dangerous. Glad to get out of these cities soon. Physically, doing pretty well.”

Day 56 — August 5, 1978
Miles run = 45.0.
Finish location – Westville, IN.

Comments: “Today we had a press conference in Chicago. Met a lot of important people and was on many radio and TV shows. The running is going well but I am getting fatigued a lot lately – hope that subsides soon!”


Day 57 — August 6, 1978
Miles run = 50.5.
Finish location – Nappanee, IN.

Comments: “It won’t be long now. Only 23 more days. I’ll be in Ohio on Tuesday and PA next Sunday! Physically, pretty well but legs are a little tired. If you pray, say a few prayers for me!!”

Day 58 — August 7, 1978
Miles run = 47.0.
Finish location – Kendelville, IN.

Comments: “It rained all was tough to run 47 miles in the pouring rain all day. I have one BAD blister on my left foot – performed an operation on it today. Hurts!!!! Will be in Ohio tomorrow – wish me luck!”

Day 59 — August 8, 1978
Miles run = 47.2.
Finish location – Napolean, OH.

Comments: “Into Ohio now, our 10th state! It is pretty flat thank goodness. Talked to Joe Concannon from the Boston Globe tonight – guess he will be writing an article soon. It’s very humid and HOT!”


Day 60 — August 9, 1978
Miles run = 48.0.
Finish location – Rollersville, OH.

Comments: “Today I hit what I call my 60-20 day, i.e., it 60 days GONE and 20 days LEFT. Again, it was hot but it rained like crazy and I went out in my BVD’s and took a shower in the rain. People thought I was NUTS – I am!”

Showering in the rain.

Showering in the rain.

Day 61 — August 10, 1978
Miles run = 57.0.
Finish location – Norwalk, OH.

Comments: “My longest day!!! I was going to hit the magic 60-mile mark but it was getting late. I feel okay but for some reason, my right knee is bothering me...hope it will be better tomorrow. Total distance – 2,714.”