Spoke at the kick-off rally for former NE Patriot’s Tedy Bruschi’s Boston Marathon team the other night. Tedy’s Team benefits the American Stroke Association. It was amazing to hear all the inspiring, personal stories by the 30+ runners on the team. Given that I have significant heart illness in my family – 2 heart attacks, stents, stroke, triple bypasses and even with me having coronary artery disease (still), all the stories told truly hit home in a very personal way.  Stroke is the third largest killer in America!  Imagine. Awareness is key. After attending this kick-off, I am dedicating myself big time to helping to create awareness and especially to helping in the prevention of stroke and heart disease going forward. I give Tedy all the credit in the world in addressing this since his stroke a number of years ago. A case can actually be made that some of the most fit people on the planet are the ones that could be most vulnerable.  We have to fix this.