It was a fun and inspiring week talking to students in Falmouth, Medford and North Andover. It was so surreal talking to the kids at the McGlynn Elementary and Middle Schools in Medford, MA since I grew up in Medford myself and ran in track meets at Hormel Stadium right next to the school. Then speaking at my daughter Chloe’s school, the Franklin School in North Andover, was very special, too. It was Fun Run Day at the school where all the kids ran laps around the playground in the morning and I spoke to the entire school, 450 students, later in the afternoon. I was able to donate my book Dream Big to all the kids at each of these schools, distributing over 1,000 donated books with thanks to the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation! It has been so rewarding to speak to over 3,000 kids at areas schools and hospitals since my book came out in March. I may give up my day job and just do this for the rest of my life…ha! My objective is to encourage kids to believe in themselves, “dream big”, set goals and accomplishment things in life. This will give them the critical self-confidence they need which is the foundation by which they will accomplish everything else in their lives.


The Inaugural MR8K Road Race on Labor Day will finish at center court in the TD Garden. They will be lowering the 23 championship banners to form an arch. Runners will finish running under these 23 banners…or will it now be 24 banners? Need a win tonight to keep that BIG DREAM alive. I was there on center court the other day and not one person was there with me when I took this photo and you could hear a pin drop. I guess a few folks will be there tonight and it might get a little noisy.

What do you think, can they do it tonight???? Go Celtics!! Anything is possible!


This is pretty cool. Driving along the highway in Boston and seeing this MR8K sign on the side of the TD Garden! Wow! Very impressive. The inaugural (5-mile) MR8K, managed by DMSE Sports, will be held at 9am on Monday, Labor Day, September 3, 2018. It will start outside the TD Garden and finish inside under the 23 championship banners on “center ice” to benefit the Martin Richard Foundation!



I think we can now officially add DMSE Parking to our overall event services thanks to Larry Murphy and about 30 other team DMSE members.   Once again, the team handled all the parking of cars (a few thousand) at the graduation exercises this morning at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA and provided equipment.   Last fall, the team handled parking for Merrimack’s homecoming festivities.  Pretty cool stuff.  Now we can officially say “we pahk cahrs”!!!


Had the pleasure of attending the dedication of the Joan Benoit Samuelson Track at Freeport High School in Freeport, Maine this afternoon. A well-deserved honor for America’s most loved, respected and admired female marathoner of all time!!  And kudos to Nike for donating $1.3 million to help finance the entire project…wow. Hundreds and thousands of young athletes will now be the beneficiary of this display of unselfish goodwill by Joanie, the local track committee and by Nike.  We all took a lap around the track together after Joanie “cut the ribbon” to officially open up the facility. Pretty inspiring.


It was exciting to see an “old friend” again last week at the TD Garden - #4 – Bobby Orr, the greatest hockey player of all time (I.M.O.). Bill Richard and I were at the Garden to promote the upcoming MR8K race to be held on Labor Day. Bobby was kind to spend a few minutes with us getting caught up. Bobby and I did a few speaking gigs together back in the 80’s. He is the ultimate gentleman!! Don’t forget to sign up for another first in Boston – first race to finish inside the TD Garden at center ice and all to benefit the Martin Richard Foundation!!


Great time at the Flying Pig Marathon

• Start line – with flames on top of truss!
• Total runners for the weekend – 43,000 whoa!
• Iris Simpson Bush and Jackie Reau were great hosts as always!
• Finish line break tape had the word “WINNER” on it – never saw that before!
• Portable restrooms were located INSIDE the corrals at the start – different.
• Spoke twice at the runner’s expo.
• Ran the mile, 5K and 10K…all fun events. An 11-year-old girl actually won the 10k overall for women!
• Lot of party goers and beer (not me)!
• Did some WLWT TV commentary at the finish line today for the half marathon and marathon. The winners of the half both did Boston three weeks ago.
• Great branding everywhere all weekend long.

Also, went to the Great American Ball Park to meet up with Marlins staff (Miami Marlins ironically were in town to play the Reds) John Silverman and Mike Hill who both did the World Marathon Challenge with me! They introduced me to Marlins Manager Don Mattingly who I will always remember for his playing days with the Yankees. Very nice guy. Also saw a friend of mine when I was growing up in Medford, MA – he is now the hitting coach of the Marlins – Mike Pagliarulo. Wow, we go way back and his uncle, Jack Dempsey, was my partner in my running store in Medford. I also went out to the field to view the warning track as it looks pretty good that we might be able to conduct a marathon inside that stadium, too, sometime soon. And, it only costs $10 for “ballgame parking”!

Great productive trip!


Interesting last few days. We launched our new race, the MR8K, which will be held on Labor Day starting outside the TD Garden and finishing INSIDE the TD Garden. We have received tons of support from the City of Boston, the TD Garden, and the Boston Bruins Foundation. Registration is now open at www.tdgarden.com/mr8k. With this race, DMSE Sports is now putting on races in Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and now the TD Garden. Pretty cool…maybe a series someday connecting all three??!! Neat to kick things off with Bill Richard, Charlie Jacobs, Cam Neely, Bob Sweeney, and Amy Latimer.

And this weekend, I am in Cincinnati speaking at the 20th Flying Pig Marathon – today and tomorrow at 3pm at their expo. Last night they held “The Piggys”, similar to the Oscar’s and the ESPY’s. It was on live TV for an hour!! We all walked in on the PINK carpet (as opposed to the RED carpet!). I’ve never won an Oscar or Emmy or ESPY, but they awarded me with a “Piggy” last night…very honored to be one of the first recipients. Many thanks to Executive Director Iris Simpson Bush for her thoughtfulness. Lots of inspiring stories! Amazing event here – they did an incredible job. I had 5 TV interviews this morning alone and I will be doing the live TV commentary of the half marathon and marathon on Sunday morning. Running in the 1-mile race tonight and both the 5K and 10K on Saturday. Lot’s of fun here!! And, I love their poster, Dream Big and Fly High!!


When I was growing up, I was mesmerized by watching the Olympic Games and dreamed of someday of “making the team”. Well, that of course never happened! I so vividly remember swimmer Mark Spitz and how he dominated and won so many Olympic medals. Some people even said we looked a little alike (me doing a triathlon in Vermont) When I saw this picture back then of him wearing all these medals, I recall saying to myself “someday I’m going to be wearing a bunch of medals like that, too.” I even hung this poster in my room – yikes! Someone recently handed me this Andover Magazine and all I could think about was that moment about 50 years ago when I dreamed of wearing so many medals myself. Sometimes “big dreams” can come true if you are patient and you try hard enough. Although I gave all these medals to little Jack Middlemiss because he deserved them more than me, I still have the photo!


Every time I give a speaking appearance, I asked who has not run in a race before but would like to someday. I then pick one person from the audience and give them a medal (donated by Ashworth Awards). The medal says “my next goal is to earn my own medal”. I then tell them when they run a race and get their own medal they have to mail this one back to me so I can someday give it to someone else. I have received hundreds of these medals back in the mail. The idea is that when they raise their hand and I give them the medal, it is a reminder of their “commitment” to pursue this goal and the medal actually encourages them and incentivizes them to actually do it. Of all the medals I have given away over the years, I probably have received 90% of them back, meaning that they actually did make the commitment and eventually participated in a race and received their own medal. Pretty cool. Just received another one in the mail yesterday!

DMSE medal


The 1976 Boston Marathon was called The Run for the Hoses. The 2018 Boston Marathon could be called The Run for Shelter!! Wow!!! The day was both miserable and exhilarating at the same time…miserable weather but an exhilarating sense of success and accomplishment. Congratulations to all who endured this battle with the course and with mother nature. How did we survive? Most took personal responsibility and did all the right things. Thank you all for being smart and safe. I was able to cap off the day with running the course myself for the 46th time and I have to thank seven friends who joined me for the trek – Joshua Cohen, Matt Auger, Nick Wishart, Eric Gilsenan, Jason Todd, Brent Richardson and Sarah Reinertsen (last few miles). And, of course thanks to my brother Bob and dear friend Ron Kramer who “crewed” for us along the course once again. It was great to have DMSE Sports's Christina Martin out along the course taking great photos of us waterlogged runners. What a reception we got at the finish line with family and friends including Joan Benoit Samuelson and Meb Keflezighi and Bill and Denise Richard, the parents of Martin Richard. They are so kind. We will all remember this one for a long time.


Was in Hopkinton all day yesterday with the team making final Boston Marathon preparations and making some appearances. Pretty cool to see the START line being painted but sad that it was not by our friend Jack Leduc who has done this job for the past 37 years!! However, as you will see in the photo, we have not forgotten Jack and had painted a logo on the street in recognition of his amazing commitment to this race over the years. I was surprised, too, to see that they painted a DM 46 for me…thought that tradition was going to end when Jack decided not to continue. It was fun, too, to make an appearance at the Hopkinton Public Library! Then we conducted our final Start Team Captain and Hopkinton Marathon Committee meeting. All good.

We are off and running…

Now, about that weather forecast….ugh.


We held our final BAA Organizing Committee meeting for the Boston Marathon last night and we are READY TO GO! I’ve always said our greatest asset is our team, our people, our leaders. Here is a photo of the greatest marathon team on the planet. Many have 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and some even 50 years of experience working this race. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with each and every one of them. The 30,000 runners in this race are really fortunate to have this group of 110 of the most dedicated and passionate professionals producing the best and most prestigious marathon in the world for them!

Good luck to this amazing group and to all the participants in the race on Monday!!!

Boston Marathon organizing committee


It’s been a busy few weeks with the new book and other gigs! 


This was an amazing and heartwarming; experience, visiting with the doctors, nurses, parents and kids on the "8th Floor" cardiac unit at Children's Hospital. Puts everything in perspective. The highlight for me was being crushed in a "corridor sprint race"; by a little boy, Parker, who took it to me and never looked back as I collapsed on the floor at the finish line. The kid will be the next Meb K. before you know it. We gave everyone signed Dream Big book and medal for being so inspiring and courageous. Thanks to the Middlemiss family and Caroline Obert from Children's for allowing us to share some time with all of them. 

More here.


Stopped by the Title IX Girls Running Team function. What great work these folks are all doing for
our young girls. I have two young girls myself so I can definitely relate. Bravo!!! Thanks to Hank
Morse for inviting me to stop by!!



Marathon Dreams from a Kid's Point of View

My co-author, Nancy Feehrer, deserves all the credit!! All I did was run a few miles!! 

When It Comes to Marathons, Dave McGillivray Is All Over the Map



McGillivray Races to Next Venture: Children's Book



Stopped by Matt Light’s (former NE Patriots player) marathon team kick-off. They created a very cool video after the event.



From Kate Middlemiss:

Last Tuesday night, Scott came home from the Dream Big book launch with some very special gifts from Dave McGillivray for Jack. We’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to give them to him. Today was a day filled with simple blessings of all being HOME together and enjoying time in each other’s company. Tonight seemed like the perfect time to give Jack these most special gifts.
Last month Dave completed the World Marathon Challenge by running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and received medals as he crossed the finish line in each continent. Tonight, Jack was the recipient of Dave’s most generous gift and the new proud owner of Dave’s World Marathon Challenge medals. Although Jack was thrilled, I’m not sure his 4-year-old brain can understand the enormity of this gift. That will come in time. For now, he may need a bigger medal rack!

Watch Jack here.




From Col. John Robinson School: This morning Dave McGillivray, director of the Boston Marathon, visited Robinson School to talk with our students about following their dreams. Dave recently co-authored a children’s book titled Dream Big, which encourages readers to follow their dreams and to never give up. As a child Dave dreamed of being a professional athlete. Unfortunately, Dave always seemed to be picked last for teams and was often told that he was too small. At the age of 12 Dave found the sport of running and ever since continues to accomplish great things. Just recently Dave completed the World Marathon Challenge, running 7 marathons, in 7 continents in 7 days! Thanks to the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation, each child will receive a hardcover book of Dream Big!


From Pam Rickard: Dave McGillivray says his job title may be Race Director, but he’s really in the business of helping people reach their potential and achieve their dreams. He sure is. Today’s John Hancock Boston Marathon meeting reminded me that while I’m enormously grateful to run Boston again this year, I’m honestly even more grateful to serve as charity manager for The Herren Project’s team.



Was fun to moderate keynote this afternoon at Race Mania with triathletes Rinny Carfrae and Tim
O'Donnell. Very nice and fast couple!



From Kate Middlemiss:

Great team effort last night at Team Big Heart’s Pancake Supper! It was great to see so many friends gather for amazing food, fun, and inspiration! Events like these would not be possible without the support of many! A special thanks to our runners who graciously served pancakes all evening long, to our youth ambassadors who cleared/reset tables and greeted our guests, to all the volunteers who waited on our guests, worked the kitchen, and kept everything flowing, and to all our guests who came out to support our work! It truly was a community effort! And, a HUGE shout out to Lyndie Shaw who organized this entire event and opened her restaurant and heart to us all! A true pillar of our community! This year’s event was extra special thanks to Dave McGillivray and Nancy Wendland Feehrer for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their newly launched book, Dream Big: A True Story of Courage and Determination. Guests were so thrilled to meet Dave & Nan and receive personal messages inside their books! I was especially moved to see the impact Dave and Nan had on so many of our young guests! What an incredible experience for all! Money raised from last night’s event supports our Team Big Heart runners in meeting their fundraising goals as they prepare to run the Boston Marathon in support of the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation. With their help, we are continuing to expand our initiative in meeting the three very important goals of our mission! Thank you all! Join me in sending positive thoughts for strength and endurance to each one of our runners as they embark on their longest training run this weekend! We know you can do it!!!


What a great night for our friend Dave McGillivray and Nancy Feehrer with the launch of their book "Dream Big." Great hanging out with Dan and Kim Ashworth and seeing some Boston friends supporting courage and determination and having some amazing food (meatballs) from Tresca in the Boston's North End. Former Boston Bruin Ray Bourque was a generous host and all to benefit the great work Scott and Kate are doing in memory of Joseph at the Joseph Miiddlemiss Big Heart Foundation ❤️ "All you need is Love" and to "Dream Big."


Was honored to be honored (that sounds funny) at the Metro West YMCA annual breakfast in
Framingham yesterday. I was introduced by both David Wade from Ch. 4 and Dick Hoyt. In
attendance were members of their YMCA Team running in the Boston Marathon this year. Also
present were a few DMSE and BAA folks. After the breakfast I went to Hopkinton to be on the
Hopkinton Coffee Break Show on HCAM-TV!! Pretty cool, too.



From The Boston Marathon:
New on The Boston Marathon Podcast, Tom sits down with Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the
Boston Marathon. In the world of running, Dave McGillivray has covered a lot of ground, from running a shoe store, to training with world-class athletes, and now serving as the Boston Marathon race director. He's also run across the United States twice, and has run more than 150 marathons and "about" 150,000 miles in his life. Now, as leader of DMSE Sports, he leads many races around the country, and is always looking for his next accomplishment. Though it all, there's the matter of being a husband and the father of five - a role he cherishes deeply, and especially in the wake of a recent health scare. Dave dishes on all these roles, decades of running tales, and whether he continues to believe, as he has often been heard to say, that sleep is overrated. Listen now on iTunes.

Dave McGillivray and Tom Grilk


Fun running some of the marathon course today with my 12-year-old son, Luke. He did a PR of 15 miles today and totally crushed me. Nice to be young, like real young! Highlight was seeing the Middlemiss family on the hills...Scott, Kate, Grace and yes the man, Jack!! Luke also got to meet Tedy Bruschi, Bill Richard of the Martin Richard Foundation, Karen Smyers and Eric Fisher along the course. Pretty cool.


Saw my SUPER HERO Jack Middlemiss tonight for the first time since his heroic heart transplant!!  The man, the myth, the legend.  He looked and sounded GREAT!!  I was doing a Dream Big book signing tonight at a Pancake Dinner fundraiser for the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation at M.L. Shaws in Dracut and Jack’s mother brought him by to see me.  What a thrill!!  Made my day, week, month!!  He looks ready to beat me in the marathon – go Jack go!!!



Was honored to be honored (that sounds funny) at the MetroWest YMCA annual breakfast in Framingham yesterday. I was introduced by both David Wade from WBZ/CBS Boston and Dick Hoyt. In attendance were members of their YMCA Team running in the Boston Marathon this year. Also present were a few DMSE Sports and Boston Athletic Association folks. After the breakfast, I went to Hopkinton to be on the Hopkinton Coffee Break Show on HCAM Television!! Pretty cool, too.


Exciting day today participating in two Boston Marathon-related events…

Had fun at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston helping out a little with the 2nd Annual BAA Boston Marathon Jamboree. Kids from the area participating in a variety of activities like the high jump, long jump, obstacle course and sprints. The kids were having a blast!

Before that, attended the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk Pacesetter Reception in Boston. This year we raised more than $8.7 million dollars from the Walk for the Jimmy Fund…yahoo!! Proud of our DMSE Sports team who handle much of the event logistics and who helped create the event 29 years ago!


I did my first public reading of my new children's illustrative book, Dream Big, today at the Spofford Elementary School in Boxford, MA. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I can't believe I read an entire book to 400 school children packed in an auditorium!! They were awesome, too!! Thanks to Julie Benson for arranging this. A FIRST for me!! Never "dreamed" I'd do that!!