Anyone who has ever worked with DMSE or attended a DMSE event knows that the firm’s founder, Dave McGillivray, has assembled a team with a reputation for excellence, creativity and the ability to get the job done right.

Many of the DMSE consultants who work on DMSE events are successes on and off the road.  Whether they are full-time road race gurus or hold down another career in law, government or accounting, the DMSE team is made up of experts who make each DMSE event a success. 

Listed here are the full-time staff members and some of the “core” DMSE consultants who serve as the foundation of the group, however, in any given year, there might be as many as 70 different team members whose responsibilities may range from marketing to moving road cones.

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Dave McGillivray

Founder, CEO and President of DMSE, Inc.

The leading force behind the growth and success of DMSE Sports is the firm’s inspirational and tireless founder, Dave McGillivray, an accomplished athlete, race director and philanthropist. A native of Medford, Massachusetts, who has run across the United States – twice – for charity, McGillivray is one of the nation’s top race directors, overseeing more than 900 major running and sporting events since starting DMSE in 1981. For an expanded bio of Dave, please visit our Dave McGillivray section.  


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Matt West

Senior Vice President of Operations

Matt is a key part of the senior management team and handles much of the day-to-day operations of DMSE. He is involved in every event, either via staffing, management, or marketing. Matt handles many government, client, and vendor relations. Matt is currently the event director for the BAA 5K, BAA 10K, and BAA Half Marathon. Matt serves as event director for the TD Beach to Beacon Road Race as well as Finish Line Manager for the BAA Boston Marathon and the New Balance Falmouth Road Race. He also handles all of the consultant planning, travel arrangements, and logistics for DMSE’s away events. In his spare time, Matt is the operations director for the Antarctica Marathon. Matt joined DMSE in 2006 from the non-profit arts world, where he was the marketing manager for First Night Boston and worked for the Celebrity Series of Boston. A resident of Somerville, Massachusetts, Matt is a 2004 graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, and is originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts.


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Ed Wiederhold

Vice President of Events and Logistics

Ed serves DMSE in a wide variety of areas, including client relations, contracts, permitting and approvals, operations, course, registration, logistics, vendor relations, medical, communications, documentation and event oversight. In addition, he manages the DMSE warehouse and serves as part of the senior management team, managing specific areas of an event and planning equipment, supplies, staff, volunteers, and site set up and breakdown. Ed joined DMSE in 2002 and has been involved in the vast majority of DMSE’s major events. He formerly served as director of operations for the Pan Massachusetts Challenge and director of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Walk. Ed is a 1981 graduate of University of New Hampshire and received an MBA from Northeastern University in 1988. He currently lives in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.


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Aaron Nemzer

Director of Events

Aaron Nemzer is the youngest member of the full-time staff at DMSE Sports. Aaron joined the team full time in early 2014, although he spent his high school and college summers also working for DMSE as a summer assistant. Growing up with a dad who also worked for DMSE, Aaron developed his skills and love for managing road races at a young age. Currently, Aaron serves as the director of events at DMSE. His responsibilities include client relations, public safety agency relations, permitting and approval, and course operations, among others. Aaron has a knack for course management and currently works as the course manager for the BAA Boston Marathon, BAA Half Marathon, BAA 10K, and BAA 5K races. When Aaron is not working on a road race, he can usually be found running one. He is an avid runner who has run dozens of half marathons and marathons. Aaron is a 2013 graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. Originally from Milton, Massachusetts, he currently resides in Cambridge.


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Will Lapsley

Director of Logistics

Will came on board the DMSE team in April 2015. Like much of the team, he became involved through family, tagging along with his father to help at many DMSE events since 2000. Will currently serves as the director of logistics and is involved with event permitting, planning, operations, and equipment rental, among other responsibilities. Will is a graduate of University of Massachusetts-Amherst, receiving a BS in Biology in 2007 and an MS in Epidemiology in 2009. He worked for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for five years as an infectious disease epidemiologist before transitioning to the race management business. Will is a native of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he captained the track and cross-country teams for Plymouth North High School. He now lives in Cambridge and runs much slower than he did in high school.


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Christina Martin

Marketing Manager

Christina is the newest member of the DMSE team, joining in April 2017, and taking on the various social channels for the group, the website, and essentially anything that falls outside the scope of event management. Before coming to DMSE, Christina spent three years at a small college in Boston in its Communications & Marketing department, and prior to that spent nine years in publishing, editing in the banking/credit union, medical, and finally education industries. She received her BA in Journalism and BS in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland-College Park, and her MS in Organizational Communication from Northeastern University. An Ashland, Massachusetts, resident, Christina is a time-casual runner, occasionally tackling half marathons and marathons, and has completed adventures such as Boston2Big Sur, the runDisney Dopey Challenge, and a three-person ultra team for the 100on100 Relay.


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Andy Deschenes

Vice PResident of Events

Andy helps plan the start and finish of DMSE events and is part of the planning team that devises the layout, timeline, staffing, and details for specific events. A trained architect, he creates many of the maps and diagrams used for the races, especially the start and finish venues. Known for his calm demeanor, Andy has been affiliated with DMSE since 1995 and works on a dozen DMSE races each year, including the BAA Boston Marathon, the TD Beach to Beacon 10K, and the New Balance Falmouth Road Race. Before joining DMSE he was a start coordinator for the New York City Marathon and also worked for the Rock n' Roll Marathon in San Diego and the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. Andy completed the 100th running of the Boston Marathon in 1996 and has competed in dozens of 10Ks, 5Ks, sprint triathlons, and duathlons over the past 30 years. A resident of Grafton, he is a 1984 architectural engineering graduate of the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.


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Ron Kramer

Senior Event Director

Ron Kramer is a multi-talented member of the senior management team since he joined DMSE in 2001. He has served as race director for the Lady Speed Stick® Women’s Half Marathon Series throughout the United States, and as operations manager for a number of races including the Denver Marathon, and Marathon of the Palm Beaches. He is currently race director for the Newburyport Half Marathon in Massachusetts, and since 1991, the lead vehicle coordinator for the BAA Boston Marathon, and their series of 5K, 10K, and half marathon races. Ron organized the TREK USA relay run in 2004 from California to Massachusetts that benefited the charitable foundations for the five Boston sports teams, and the 2007 relay from Massachusetts to Florida for the DMSE Foundation. His charitable interests also have included the role of captain and navigator for Swim Across America since 1987. His athletic accomplishments include completing more than 50 marathons [15 Bostons], three 50-mile ultra-marathons, two 24-hour runs, and five marathons as a competitive race walker, winning his age-group division (50-59) at the Disney Marathon in 2001. Since then he has turned to cycling, and rides each year in the Connecticut Challenge to benefit cancer survivors. A resident of West Palm Beach, Florida, Ron is originally from Boston, a graduate of Latin School & Boston University, worked for 37 years as a salesman for Pacific Packaging Products, and served our country on active duty aboard the USS Miller Destroyer 535.


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Howard Kramer

Senior Event Manager

Howard has been with DMSE since 2003 and has more than 15 years in event management and logistics. Known for his organizational skills, Howard is a key DMSE team member who is involved in logistics, course operations, vehicle management, and just about every other area of event operations. Howard is a graduate of University of Miami and currently resides in Sutton, Massachusetts. Howard also works as the Distribution Center Manager for the Boston Athletic Association. He is originally from Holliston, Massachusetts and is the son of Ron Kramer, listed above. 


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Mike Linnane

Event Manager

Mike manages the Camp Harbor View 5K each year, overseeing government and client relations, sponsors, entertainment, food, and beverage alongside the DMSE team. For other races, he serves in course management, food and beverage, logistics and ensuring surplus product is distributed to shelters and food pantries. A DMSE team member since 2001, Mike began his road race career as the co-race director of L Street Running Club’s annual Sugarbowl 5-Miler in 1996, serving from 1997 to 2006.  He has run 13 marathons and countless local races and in the winter can be found skiing throughout the Northeast and beyond. A resident of Quincy, Massachusetts, Mike served as a planning manager for Verizon and as an IT Network Engineer and Planning Manager for the Northeast and New England. He is a graduate of Quincy College and Northeastern University.


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Bob Barnaby

Senior Venue Manager

Bob has been affiliated with DMSE since 1985 and today serves as a key part of the DMSE team. He has worked in the areas of sponsor research and solicitation, event planning, budget management, logistics, staffing, and venue management, serving as a member of the organizing committees of key races such as the BAA Boston Marathon, the BAA Boston Marathon Jimmy Walk, and the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K. He also served as vice president and president of the firm in the 1980s and was an integral part of the company’s initial growth by overseeing office operations and leading efforts to develop operating procedures, secure corporate funding and create and engineer new events.


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Mike Barry

Senior Venue Manager

Mike is one of the longest tenured members of Team DMSE, having assisted on events since 1983 with the Cape Cod Endurance Triathlon. Since then, Mike has provided course management for many DMSE events and has served as the course coordinator for the Women’s Half-Marathon series and the Run for the Dream Half Marathon & 8K. He is a ski coach for the Special Olympics Winter Games and has completed four Ironman distance triathlons, winning the 60-year-old division in the Plymouth Iron Distance Triathlon in 2008. An avid skier, Mike is also a member of TREK 2004 Run Across America. Originally from Wilmington, Massachusetts, he is a current resident of Milton. Mike is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and earned his Masters of Public Heath from Boston University School of Public Health.


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Chris Lane

Senior Venue Manager

Chris has more than 50 years in officiating and event leadership at the local, regional, national, and international level. He was a high school All American in track and served as a coach for 25 years at Boston College, Brandeis, and MIT. Chris is currently certified as a Master Official by USATF in a number of areas, including refereeing track & field and long-distance running, and has also served as president of the Massachusetts Track and Field Officials Association (MTFOA). Chris has been the recipient of numerous recognitions from the MSTCA and MIAA for his long and distinguished officiating career, and was inducted into the MSTCA Hall of Fame in 2011. After 43 years as a teacher and administrator, Chris retired from Boston Public Schools where he had been widely recognized as a leader and for working with others. Chris has been working with DMSE since 1985 and has officiated at the Boston Marathon since 1967, serving as the designated coordinator of officials since 1987.


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Tim Barry

Venue Coordinator

Tim oversees the operations and construction of the start and finish lines for many DMSE races, including the Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Road Race, the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K, and the BAA 10K. He serves as a team leader for the BAA Boston Marathon’s start area as well as equipment operator and repairman. He has worked with DMSE since it began in 1981, collaborating on hundreds of races. Tim has also completed many road races and triathlons, including the 2016 runDisney Dopey Challenge. He is a resident of Burlington, Massachusetts and serves as a supervisor at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Originally from Medford, Tim is a 1976 graduate of Medford Vocational Technical High School and served in the U.S. Navy from 1976 to 1980. In addition to his work with DMSE, he has worked with TimeOut Productions and was a Certified Water Safety Instructor for 10 years at Medford High School. 


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Jack LeDuc

Sound Engineer, Announcer

Jack manages the sound systems at DMSE events and serves as an announcer or MC. He also assists with barricades; fencing; mechanical equipment; creating and building whatever is needed for various events; and operating a forklift, genie, and other equipment. He has worked with DMSE since 1986, joining the firm on more of a full-time basis in 1999. He ran his first race – the 1997 BAA Boston Marathon – at the age of 46. A resident of Ashland, Massachusetts, Jack is involved in his local community, setting up sound systems and announcing for a range of annual community events. He enjoys spending time with his family, especially his two granddaughters.

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