Thoughts on Celebrating Success


I’ve always felt the genius is seeing it in the seed, that is, being able to visualize something before it even ever happens. Many times we even visualize ourselves succeeding at our goal and that usually motivates us even more to drive on and believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.  

However, once you succeed, now what?  Do you celebrate your achievement and then you are done or do you begin to think about the next goal? Whenever I am asked what is my greatest accomplishment, I always shout out, “My best accomplishment is my next one!” You never really want to look back and live in the best…it’s gone.  Live for today and plan for tomorrow. Use the past as a confidence builder. Don’t celebrate prematurely. There is always much more to accomplish.

Every achievement just motivates me to set the next one. I want to set goals, not limits. For me, it is okay to celebrate but I like to do so somewhat quietly, almost acting as if I expected it to happen but also remaining humble in my actions.

We live in a world where people are proud of their accomplishments and they should be. It’s about feeling good about yourself. Folks usually want to celebrate their accomplishments and that is okay, too, as long as it is done tastefully and without offending others. Sometimes the toughest part about success is finding people who are happy for you as sad as that may sound. It’s a delicate balance between being modest but also being rightfully proud of your feats and successes.

I’ve also always believed that there is no such thing as an individual achievement and that in most cases others have supported us along the way and helped us achieve our goals. I wish we could chopped up the medal we earn once we cross the finish line and distributed pieces of it around to those who have also earned a piece of it just by being there for us.