There’s a lot that goes into producing an event—particularly one in its first year—and DMSE Sports can help alleviate the intricacies around the event’s operations and logistics. Since 1981, DMSE has perfected an event’s conceptualization and execution, from communications programs to permitting to emergency plans and beyond. Event management has been a DMSE Sports passion and obsession for nearly 40 years, leaving clients satisfied throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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  • Developing an overall race communications plan

  • Developing an overall registration / number pick up process

  • Working with press/media in addressing their pre-event and on site needs

  • Assisting with any and all pre-race promotions and media

  • Developing banner and signage plan

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Course Logistics

  • Developing the Start procedure and timeline

  • Developing the lead vehicle plan

  • Securing a reputable timing company to time and score race at race expense

  • Finalizing race course and obtaining certification by USATF

  • Creating and installing a layout for the Start

  • Developing a detailed parking plan

  • Developing an ice, water, electrolyte program



  • Creating a comprehensive equipment and supplies list

  • Providing race equipment in DMSE inventory at reasonable rental fee


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  • Event conceptualization and creative development

  • Comprehensive event planning and timelines

  • Working with or creating an event Organizing Committee

  • Assigning and listing responsibilities for all involved

  • Providing an “Operations Manual” to be completed two weeks prior to race day

  • Assisting in developing and managing race operations budget

  • Meeting with potential race sponsors if and when appropriate

  • Providing a written wrap up report and event critique within three weeks following the race

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  • Developing credentials and security plan

  • Assigning all bib numbers in cooperation with race timing company

  • Working with all product sponsors specific to needs, delivery and involvement

  • Providing other DMSE consultants in various capacities if needed and at race expense

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Race Day

  • Writing race announcements for race announcer(s)

  • Assisting with development of volunteer needs program and job descriptions

  • Assisting with development of all needed medical coverage and supplies

  • Developing officiating plan and appointment of race referee, judges and officials

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