Dear Friends:

I am honored to be running this year’s Boston Marathon to benefit the Martin Richard Charitable Foundation (MR8). See

My 8-year old son was sitting in the bleachers directly across from Martin Richard during last year’s marathon, probably looking straight at Martin many times. Every time I think of that scene, my heart just cries out. There were a lot of victims that day. How can I not be part of this team?  How can I not be drawn to this family?  I’ve run 130 marathons and I’ve run this race 41 times and always did it for myself as a runner. Not this time. I’m doing it for Martin and for the Richard family and I will think of Martin every step of the way and I will think of my own son and family and thousands of others and what they all experienced. I want to honor Martin and help make sure his message of “no more hurting people, peace” will live on forever.

I would be forever grateful if you were able to support my effort in supporting the MR8.   In advance, know that your act of kindness will never, ever be forgotten by me or the Richard family.  You can make a donation by clicking on this “community” link…

In advance, thanks so much for your consideration and kindness.