Hello and welcome to the Running Phoenix Podcast where we rise like a mystical magic fire bird from the ashes of our injuries to once again triumph!  Like the phoenix I have immolated myself on the pyre of training but have emerged reborn to continue my next 1,000 year cycle.

That’s right, This is Chris your host and this is the RunRunLive podcast and I Buddy and I are back.  We’re 14 or so road miles into my rebirth.  I still feel a little fragile and a little heavy but I’m certainly well rested.

Here’s your take away.  A muscle tear takes 2-4 weeks to heal if you do everything right.  I did 3 weeks on the nose but probably could have cut 4-5 days off that if I had stayed off it.  Nevertheless I am joyously ecstatic with being able to run again and pleased as punch with the sagacity with which I executed this injury cycle.

I’ll take it easy this week working in some easy runs with my pool work and cap the week off by racing the New Bedford Half Marathon with the boys on Sunday.  Then I’m back into the meat of my training cycle, if everything holds, into Boston in 4 weeks.

Speaking of Boston, we have a great chat with Mr. David McGillivray, the race director of the Boston Marathon for you today.  I’m also going to share my aquajogging primer and continue with a guest reader for the injury series.