Odds are, you’ve heard of the Boston Marathon, which takes place outside of Fenway Park and around the city of Boston. Now, what if they ran a marathon, but put it inside of Fenway Park? Come Sept. 15, we’re about to find out.

“The timing is perfect now that putting on special events inside Fenway has become more commonplace,” Dave McGillivray, the race director of the Boston Marathon, told the Boston Globe.

While the Red Sox are on the road traveling to play the Tampa Bay Rays down the stretch of the 2017 MLB regular season, a marathon will be held inside the iconic park itself. It will take approximately 112 journeys around the warning track in order for runners to complete what is being dubbed “The Fenway Marathon,” which is USATF-certified.

There will be just 50 runners eligible to compete, but enrollment comes complete with at least a $5,000 fee to the Red Sox Foundation. The event is scheduled to become the first marathon held in any professional team’s sports stadium when it takes place.

“It’s not about setting a personal best, it’s about the experience,” said McGillivray. “It’s more for people who have a fascination for doing something out of the ordinary, combined with a passion for the Red Sox.

“I’m challenged by unique ideas. This is an opportunity to experience something different. As a Red Sox fan, it will be unique to run and then sit in the stands at a game and say, ‘I just ran at Fenway Park.’ That’s when the reality will really hit.”