Episode 3: Dave McGillivray’s amazing running life; how mere mortals can break world records; a recap of the Boston Marathon.

On this week’s Runner’s World Show:

Editor-in-Chief David Willey talks with Dave McGillivray, race director of the Boston Marathon, about his amazing running life and what it’s like to lead the world’s oldest marathon. (1:00)

  • Training and Races Editor Meghan Kita recounts her story of overcoming training fatigue by going for a Guinness World Record while dressed as a hot dog. (18:40)

  • The Kick wraps up the 120th Boston Marathon, from the overall winners to the notable finishers. (29:50)

Why Dave McGillivray Sets Audacious Goals

Dave McGillivray is best known as the race director of the Boston Marathon, which he guided for the 28th time this week. He not only directs the race, but he’s one of the event’s long-time run-streakers. He goes out when nearly all of the runners are finished and completes the race himself. McGillivray finished his 44th Boston Marathon in 2016, completing his run at 9:10 p.m.

“I made a commitment in 1973 that I’m going to run this race every year for the rest of my life,” McGillivray, 61, says in his conversation with David Willey on this week’s Runner’s World Show. “My motto in life has always been, ‘It’s my game, so it’s my rules.’ So I don’t have to do it like everyone else.”

As a runner, McGillivray’s done some outstanding things. He has run across the United States twice (1978 and 2004) to raise money for charity. Each year on his birthday he runs his age in miles. And he’s run races inside prison yards.

In a world where even the mundane can be a challenge, McGillivray says he embraces the challenge of going after lofty goals.

“Like a lot of things with me, once I start something, it’s almost like I become obsessed with it,” he says. “Not in a negative way, but a positive way. I just have continued that for the last 50 years.”

Listen to the episode below.