The last official runner in the Centennial Boston Marathon was Dave McGillivray of Andover.

McGillivray, technical coordinator for the storied event, finished in 9 hours, 57 minutes, 56 seconds.

"I kept the watch going starting from noon," said Chris Lane of the Mass. Track and Field Officials Association.

McGillivray actually began his Hopkinton-to-Boston trek at 6 p.m. after a busy day in which he had only two hours' sleep while preparing the event for the record 38,706 starter field.

McGillivray was greeted in Hopkinton for his run with a message painted on the street that read, "Moonlight Run, Dave's 25th."

He received a police escort throughout the 26-mile, 385-yard route and had 150 cheering supporters waiting for him on Boylston Street.

Perhaps his happiest moment came when he realized the two people holding the finish tape were none other than three-time Boston champion Rosa Mota (1987-88 and 1990) of Portugal and 1980 champion Jacqueline Gareau of Canada.

"Where did they come from?" he said. "Imagine that. Great!"

Doug Arnot, the former head of the Bay State Games and currently a venue chief for the Atlanta Olympic Games, is well aware of the nifty job McGillivray has done and has written McGillivray to express interest in getting him to work the Olympics.

"That would be pretty neat. Even to just move a road cone," said McGillivray.